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   Windows Vista Start Menu Program List

Reference / Windows Os / Windows Vista Start Menu Program List

A list of all Windows Vista Start Menu programs/icons for reference.

Windows Calendar
Windows Collaboration
Windows Contacts
Windows Defender
Windows Fax and Scan
Windows Live
Windows Mail
Windows Movie Maker
Windows Photo Gallery
Accessories\Mobility Center
Accessories\Remote Desktop Connection
Accessories\Snipping Tool
Accessories\Sound Recorder
Accessories\Sync Center
Accessories\Welcome Center
Accessories\Accessibility\Speech Recognition
Accessories\System Tools\Backup
Accessories\System Tools\Character Map
Accessories\System Tools\Disk Defragmenter
Accessories\System Tools\Disk Cleanup
Accessories\System Tools\Windows Easy Transfer
Accessories\System Tools\System Information
Accessories\System Tools\System Restore
Accessories\System Tools\Task Scheduler
Accessories\Tablet PC\Sticky Notes
Accessories\Tablet PC\Tablet PC Input Panel
Accessories\Tablet PC\Windows Journal
Administrative Tools\Computer Management
Administrative Tools\Data Sources (ODBC)
Administrative Tools\Event Viewer
Administrative Tools\iSCSI Initiator
Administrative Tools\Memory Diagnostics Tool
Administrative Tools\Print Management
Administrative Tools\Reliability and Performance Monitor
Administrative Tools\Security Configuration Management
Administrative Tools\services
Administrative Tools\System Configuration
Administrative Tools\Task Scheduler
Administrative Tools\Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
Extras and Upgrades\Small Business Resources
Extras and Upgrades\Windows Anytime Upgrade
Extras and Upgrades\Windows Marketplace
Extras and Upgrades\Windows Web
Maintenance\Backup and Restore Center
Maintenance\Problem Reports and Solutions
Maintenance\Remote Assistance

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