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   Files And Folders

Vbscript / Files And Folders

Scripts operation on files or folders including the following types of operation based on functional filters and conditions:

  • Move
  • Copy
  • Rename
  • Delete
  • A number of interesting scripting techniques and UI methods are demonstrated including recursive scanning of sub-folders, use of WMI for remote computers and use of the Windows explorer file selection dialogue. If you deal with a lot of files and folders in your daily work then there is likely to be a script here that helps you.

    In general this category contains any script with a primary function that operates on files and/or folders. You will find many other scripts outside this category that perform common file/folder tasks such as logging and output to file.

    - Auto Copy Files from CDROM
    - Rename Files Find and Remove Text
    - Sort and Move Files to Folders
    - Rename Files Find and Replace Text
    - Windows File Locations
    - File Type Report Scan
    - Folder Size Scanner
    - File Server Report
    - Backup My Documents
    - Simple File Report
    - Cleanup Filenames
    - File Properties
    - Find and Replace Text in Files
    - Find and Replace Filename Text
    - Replace Folder NTFS Security Permissions
    - Create Remote File Share

    Please note that a disclaimer applies to any code on this page.
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              - Create Remote File Share
              - File Properties
              - File Server Report
              - File Type Report Scan
              - Find And Replace Filename Text
              - Find And Replace Text In Files
              - Folder Size Scanner
              - Rename Files Find And Remove Text
              - Rename Files Find And Replace Text
              - Replace Folder Ntfs Security Permissions
              - Simple File Report
              - Sort And Move Files To Folders
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