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   Auto Copy Files From Cdrom

Vbscript / Files And Folders / Auto Copy Files From Cdrom

This is a useful little script for dumping the contents of a CDROM or DVDROM to hard drive escpecially when you have a lot to do! It will keep running and eject the CDROM when the copy of files has finished so all you need to do is keep putting in a CD or DVD every time the drive opens. You will need to end the wscript (or cscript) process using task manager to end the script or simply shut down (or restart) the computer.

Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

On Error Resume Next

CD = "E:"
Dest = "r:"
pollTime = 20

Do Until false

replDir CD, Dest


iRetVal = objShell.Popup("Disk copy complete. Enter another disk and wait or click Cancel below to Quit",pollTime,"Idle...",vbRetryCancel + vbQuestion)

Select Case iRetVal

Case vbRetry

 Case vbCancel
End Select


Sub replDir(src, dest)

On Error Resume Next

Set objDir = objFSO.GetFolder(src)
For Each file In objDir.Files

If NOT objFSO.FileExists(dest &  "" & file.Name) Then
objFSO.CopyFile src & "" & file.Name, dest & "" & file.Name

End If


If Err.Number <> 0 Then
  Wscript.Echo("Error copying " & src & " to " & dest & ". " & Err.Description)
 On Error GoTo 0
End If

For Each dir In objDir.SubFolders

If NOT objFSO.FolderExists(dest & "" & dir.Name) Then
objFSO.CreateFolder dest & "" & dir.Name
End If

replDir src & "" & dir.Name, dest & "" & dir.Name

End Sub

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